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Pursuant to the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions of Foothills Pointe on Tellico Lake and Tennessee Code Annotated Title 48 Section 51-202, FPOA members may receive Association notices/documents by electronic transmission in lieu of U.S. Mail.  Such notices/documents include but are not limited to governing documents  amendments, Annual Meeting announcements, Annual Meeting minutes, audit reports, and new rules documents.  All notices/documents can be found on the Association's website.

This page allows members to select their preference on delivery of Association notices/documents.   If a member would rather complete a written form, a pdf version is located at the bottom of this page.  There should only be one form submission per member family.


This delivery selection affects only those notices/documents which have been routinely mailed to members in the past.  This delivery selection in no way affects the electronic distribution of specific business/activity information through; the Pointe Paper through; general information of community interest through; and a member's current method of quarterly statement delivery.



Once a delivery preference is selected, please complete the below fields.  All fields must be completed or this form cannot be submitted.

By selecting Email, a member authorizes the Foothills Pointe Owners' Association to use an electronic mail format, in lieu of U.S. Mail, to notify the member of all official Association notifications/documents.  The member understands that the Association will discontinue future notifications by U.S. Mail and the Association will continue to email only to the email address(es) submitted unless the Association receives written notification from the member that the member wants to revoke this Authorization and return to receipt of notification by standard U.S. Mail.  The member also understands and agrees that if the member wishes to discontinue receiving notices electronically or the member changes his/her email address, it is the member's obligation to notify the Foothills Pointe Owners' Association in writing or the Association will continue to rely on this Authorization.


Lot Number
Owner(s) Name(s)

Email Address(es)

Mailing Address

Phone Number(s)


Additional Comments (Not Required)

Submit written authorization form to 350 Southshore Drive, Greenback, TN 37742 or

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