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Foothills Pointe Owners' Association is not involved in property sales within the community.  To view properties for sale in Foothills Pointe, visit any realtor website and search for Foothills Pointe, Greenback, TN. 

Real Estate Signs

Residence "For Sale" signs, limited to two, are allowed on each lot being advertised for sale.  Both signs must be located on the lot itself.  Each sign shall not exceed a maximum size of 30 inches by 30 inches.

Contact Information

If you are an attorney or firm in need of a "Closing Letter" from Foothills Pointe or an individual or realtor with real estate/property questions, contact Terry Kidd at or 423-306-3163.  If you have financial/fee (assessment) questions, contact  Melissa Ownby at or 865-292-5438.


For questions concerning construction guidelines, contact Steve Ovrevik at or 303-931-4929.






For questions concerning boat slip availability, contact Mike Melvin at or 260-367-1263.  Currently there is a waiting list for a boat slip.

For questions concerning the FPOA waste treatment system, contact Ben Petersen at or 815-621-9608.


Financial Information

There is an initial contribution fee payable to FPOA by a buyer.  The fee is $200 for a lot and $500 for a house.  Below is the current maintenance fee (assessment) structure:

1 single lot --  $240 quarterly ($80/month)

2 single lots -- $480 quarterly ($160/month)

3 single lots -- $720 quarterly ($240/month)

1 double lot plus 1 lot -- $600 quarterly ($200/month)

1 double lot -- $360 quarterly ($120/month)

Boat slip reservations are an additional cost and are subject to availability.  Cost per year for the first four years is $400.  Cost per year for members who retain their boat slip for five years or longer is $100.  Personal watercraft slip reservations are subject to availability.  Cost per year for the first four years is $100.  Cost per year for members who retain their PWC slip for five years or longer is $50.

Private Docks Information

The Foothills Pointe Owners' Association has little to say about private docks in Foothills Pointe other than to request that they be aesthetically pleasing and like those in the rest of the Community.


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has almost total control over the building of docks on Tellico Lake.  TVA shares some of that authority with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), but provides most of the coordination.


TVA owns and manages all property below the "820 Line" (a line at 820 feet above sea level) bordering the lake.  As such, TVA controls all the water area and the area between the water's edge and the 820 line.  Any construction in those areas is under the control of TVA’s Public Lands Information Center (PLIC).


Below is the link to a PLIC document called "Shoreline Construction FAQs" that will answer questions and provide a contact point for starting to deal with TVA.

TVA - Shoreline Construction FAQ

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